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About Testrite

Testrite customers recognize the importance of integrating graphics into their Visual Merchandising, Communication and Presentation environments. Graphics grab attention and convey messages in a tasteful and effective manner.

Our dedicated, experienced staff of inside sales people, project managers and designers work closely with customers to ensure project success. We pride ourselves on listening carefully. Challenge us. Leverage our 100 plus years of experience, know how, and existing tooling.

Testrite has earned an extraordinary reputation for quality and reliability. Durability, clean design, and providing value have always been emphasized, a win for our customers.

Because we manufacture in the U.S., our supply chain is shorter, "greener," and we routinely provide customizable solutions quickly and cost efficiently, whether assemblies or complete products.

From project inception to production and roll out with full logistic support, Testrite is ready to work with a sense of urgency to get the job done well.

On behalf of the entire Testrite staff, we wish to thank you for your past and future business.

Testrite – a tradition of Quality, Reliability & Value
Larry and Jeff Rubin
Laurence and Jeffrey Rubin
Grandson & Great Grandson and Founder
Testrite 1940 Cover 1940 Testrite Catalog Cover

Visual Opportunites Everywhere


1919 Herman Neuwirth, son of immigrants, starts sweeping floors in a factory in NYC. Herm works himself up to Sales Manager then leaves to found Testrite as an Importer of Visual Instruments.

1931 WWII - Testrite evolves to a full-time manufacturer, supporting the war effort by producing examination lamps, devices, stands and lenses made to Government and AT&T's specifications.

1940 Testrite addresses a new opportunity – the amateur photographic market. Manufacturing Enlargers, Tripods, Darkroom, and Lighting equipment for Sears, Montgomery Ward and others.

1961 Testrite invents the Aluminum Artist Easel. Herman an amateur artist, realized aluminum had big advantages versus wood – weight, strength, non-warping etc. Stanrite Easels becomes a known brand.

1980 Testrite Display Easels become a requirement for all Amway (direct sales) distributors. Testrite invents the flipchart easel bar and Flipchart Easels became an important Office Products category.

2023 Today we help Brands & Retailers and many others capitalize on their Visual Merchandising, Presentation, Communication and Display opportunities.

Made in USA + ESG

Testrite proudly manufactures in the USA and for over a hundred years has offered a terrific value proposition. Testrite is vertically integrated, experienced and capable of working with urgency as needed.

Unlike our importer competitors, our inputs from US metal mills are more regulated with better Environmental controls and no inbound steamship carbon footprint.

Our aluminum, steel, corrugated, and plastic inputs specifically include an ever increasingly percent of recycled content. Cartons are made in house and all scrap is recycled responsibly.

We believe in reducing , reusing and recycling. Testrite's telescopic aluminum assemblies and products are lightweight, portable and effective.

Ethical governance with an emphasis on quality and promises met. A diverse American workforce that is experienced and enjoys full benefits. Testrite Visual – an American manufacturer especially proud of our world class quality!!

Customer Base

Retailers and Brands, their Visual Merchandise and Store Planning departments, associated Digital Printers, Marketing, Logistics and Installation companies.

Large format Digital Printers who realize that the more competitive display options they can offer to their client base, especially customizable ones, the more printing they will sell.

The Trade show Exposition Industry, the Event Industry, Promotional companies, Ad Specialty companies, Sign Distributors and Retailers, P.O.P. companies, the Store Fixture Industry.

eCommerce and other resellers across many industries and businesses that are able to resell our products and earn good margins doing so.

O.E.M. companies that buy assemblies and complete products. They rely on our fabrication, quality, and reliability. Our ability to customize and quickly get it to market cost effectively is key.

Value Driven

Functionality, durability and clean design are guiding principles, yet no criteria is more important than providing value. Value is engineered into every product.

Value is achieved because we have over a hundred years of experience, a large inventory of existing tooling, and are extremely vertically integrated. Virtually all our products are made in house.

We are especially proud of our American workforce and feel we can out work, out design and out produce our foreign competitors to deliver value across all our lines.

Catalog = Idea Book

Because the products in this catalog are almost all manufactured in house, we gladly customize designs to meet your unique needs (quantity required).

Whether a custom color, a custom size, or a totally new product that uses similar materials as an existing product, we are ready to offer options for quantity opportunities.

Product innovation is customer driven by experienced design, project manager, and art teams that work closely with you, the best customers in the world.

We want to hear from you!

Please explore this catalog to see how innovative visual merchandising, communication and presentation displays can be used in your environment successfully.