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Liquor Store Display Solutions Maximize Impact of Marketing to Drive In-Store Sales

Liquor Store Display Solutions Maximize Impact of Marketing to Drive In-Store Sales

Consumer wallets are being impacted today by rising energy costs driven by inflation. Every dollar needs to go a little bit further. As a result, consumers are being more selective with their purchasing behavior.

Liquor stores have seen a positive uptick in purchasing behavior in recent years and are making great strides to improve the customer experience. Research from The Association of Convenience and Fuel Retailing shows that consumers prefer making in-store purchases for alcoholic beverages, unlike other home goods such as food, clothing, and decor which are more likely to be purchased online or through a BOPIS experience. In fact, the number of people choosing to buy alcohol online has declined from 40% to 35% as consumers prefer to make these purchases in-store. This is great news for retailers because it means increased foot traffic and a great opportunity to capture customer attention in store.

As people return to the in-store shopping experience, it is important to be strategic when creating a visual merchandising plan for Liquor stores. These changes also increase the pressure on brands to stand out from the crowd as customers increasingly make monetary tradeoffs. The solution? Great hardware , signage, and graphics to maximize the sales opportunity.

Liquor Store Design & Challenges

The wine and liquor business has its own unique challenges. As store footprints expand, product lines grow, and foot traffic increases, products can get lost in the crowd. This is frustrating to not only the consumers, but also to store owners and operators and to the brands with whom they partner. The real problem is that merchandising stacks up making low displays less effective.

Signage is one of the BEST ways to drive engagement, awareness, and influence purchasing behavior and brand recognition. The right visual merchandising plan will stack and stagger messaging so it is elevated to eye level, grabs attention, and sends a clear marketing message to intrigue the customer to make a purchase.

Both the store owner or operator, and the brands, are responsible for driving visual display decisions. John Ellsassar, Sales Manager for Narragansett Brewing outlined the “5 Spot Rule” for alcohol merchandising for Repsly.com . His studies show that Lit Signs, Window Banners, First Impact Area, Cooler, and Checkout Area are the spaces store owners must maximize with the right signage to drive sales.

Scorpion Planogram, a product from www.retailsmart.com , says that in order to plan for your customers you have to understand your customers and their buying habits. Their other top three tips include:

  1. Include a variety of displays including floor displays, free-standing displays, and signage for the refrigerator, shelf, or hanging

  2. Organize by brand or type of beverage

  3. Be strategic with your promotions

The best visual merchandising plan is intentional about creating the customer experience from the moment they park in the parking lot and having the right hardware and signage helps guide that experience into and throughout the store.

Liquor Display Solutions

Testrite manufactures a wide range of display items which are ideal for use in the wine and liquor stores, beer retailers, convenience stores, wine retailers, package stores, wine and spirit retailers and other liquor retail afficianadoes.

Free-Standing Signholders

Testrite has dozens of free-standing sign holder solutions which include the Simple Signholder which is an inexpensive solution that stands up to 6’ high and is designed to hold rigid printed graphics. As an adjustable product this can hold various size graphics, as needs and promotions change and can be reused hundreds or thousands of times. They are also lightweight, easy to move around a store, graphics swap out is a breeze for associates. You can even stack them on top of flat cases where it is safe to do so to layer your hardware and graphics.

For larger displays, our Freestanding Monster Sign Frames can be used with dividers. These stands are great for promoting your brand and can be used in an evergreen manner so you can rotate seasonal or promotional marketing messages whether it is your new summer ale or a limited edition distiller run of your locally distilled Whiskey.

Liquor Store
Display Solutions

Metal Shelf-Talkers

Metal shelf-talkers are a must have for Liquor stores and they are available in top load or side load design. Our Top Load Shelf Talkers are perfect for liquor store retailers who want to store multiple graphics. The Side Load Shelf Talkers are most often used where only a single paper graphic will be held and the minimal visible hardware is desirable. These can be used on straight shelves or end caps and can be easily installed and stored when not in use. Need shelf talkers with a custom angle, magnet, or another customization? Just reach out!

metal shelf

Lollipop Stands

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique display our Lollipop Stand is for you! These are die cut or router cut graphics in any shape you can imagine. These stands feature a semi circle base while the top of your graphic can be cut to any shape, round graphics, bottle shaped graphics, or almost anything else. Recent designs have included a Wine glass, a Whiskey Bottle, a Beach scene (think Corona of course), or any brand visual that matches your product to help you connect with your customer.

Lollipop Stand
Lollipop Stand

Hanging Hardware

Hanging signage is an important and effective tool when considering liquor store design and Testrite has options!

Our Horizon Pillow Case Hanging hardware makes it easy to clearly divide up and label specific areas of the store for customers as soon as they enter. Direct them to the wine, spirits or whiskey, vodka or beer with simple hanging signage. Like our Free-Standing Monster frames, our Hanging Moster-Frames can be hung from the ceiling or the wall to display the desired message or marketing promotion and, as with all Testrite hardware, swapping out graphics is a breeze. Another great piece of hanging hardware is the Perfect Hanging Hardware which is available in a variety of design options and is lightweight and convenient to use.

Horizon Pillow Case
Horizon Pillow Case

Outdoor Hardware

Outdoor signage is an effective tool for driving traffic. Liquor stores are wise to maximize outdoor signage to attract consumers, share specials, and promotions and boost brand awareness. Testrite manufactures a wide range of sign holders that are ideal for use outdoors.

The first is the Outdoor A frame and Outdoor Sidewalk A Frame. Our Outdoor A-Frames are durable, sturdy and weather resistant. Pair these with outdoor media and it's a perfect fit! These are great to place next to entry ways to display specific promotions.

a frame signholder


Wine & Spirits Tasting Station

For stores, or manufacturers who are offering an in-store tasting experience Testrite has the perfect solution for you - our portable tasting stations which are available in two styles - portable or premium. Our Portable tasting stand is high-quality, yet lightweight, making it perfect for on-site tastings. Ready to assemble in less than 2 minutes, users can attach rigid graphics to the top and bottom. The Premium tasting stand offers attractive oval uprights, a wet-erase display to write in tasting notes and other information. The premium tasting stand also offers a drop-in frame for easy graphic change outs, making promoting a new brand as simple as dropping in a new graphic. Both can be easily transported in a convenient carry bag that’s a mere 24 inches long.

portable tasting station


Aisle Markers

Like hanging hardware, Aisle markers are an important design element for a liquor store to help guide consumers on their shopping experience. Testrite’s Stellar Aisle Markers are available as curved, straight, or double wing arms. These aisle markers are super easy to install into existing shelving and hardware, and even easier to swap out graphics.

aisle marker

Why Testrite

Testrite manufacturers over 2000 standard products, many of which have proven track records in the wine, liquor and spirits industry. Beyond our standard products, custom is our speciality. Whether you need a different size, color, finish, or design, we invite you to bring us your graphic display challenges so we can offer you an American made solution. We specialize in nationwide rollouts, high volume production, while also offering low minimums. For more information about Liquor store Display solutions and other visual display solutions, visit www.testrite.com.


Testrite Visual Products is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment.

Presto Pop-Up's SHIP FAST!

Testrite - Campaign Header - 819 x 184.jpg

Innovative, Value driven, American made since 1919. Customization and speed are our specialties!

Call us at

888.873.2735 Sales EXT 3

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Custom Podiums Offer Affordable, Brandable Marketing Solutions

Custom Podiums Offer Affordable, Brandable Marketing Solutions   

The Airline credit card sign up counter.  The Wine tasting station. The Trade Show Booth. The Food Prep Demo at the local grocery store.  The online gaming signup table.  These are just a few of the installations where Testrite Visuals new custom podiums are being installed for brands of all sizes around the country.
Sales Podiums, sometimes called Sell and Tell Counters, are a unique visual display solution that can be adapted to a variety of retail, hospitality and trade show applications.  It is a sales station, branded visual display, and foot traffic enhancing marketing tool all in one!  And with Testrite’s custom capabilities, visual merchandisers don’t have to settle for imported junk that doesn’t fit your brand or your application.  Brands can get exactly what they need with durable, enduring hardware. 

Click For Video  


Made to Order 

Testrite’s Podiums are all made to order so customers can choose the dimensions, colors, and style that suit their brand and/or visual merchandising plan.   Check out the customization options below. 

Podium Countertop Options 

Testrite’s custom podium stands can be ordered with four countertop options: 
  1. Expanded PVC countertops (EPVC)
  2. Wood grain countertop
  3. Aluminum countertops
  4. Brushed Steel countertops  
The EPVC countertop is inexpensive and versatile.  We can provide this style of countertop with a pre-printed finish. The print you choose can be a photo, logo, or any graphic of your choosing. We can print to a floor laminate for enhanced durability of your counter’s surface.
 We offer wood grain counters using our beautiful membrane pressed wood. This can include a waterfall edge for a very high quality look and finish. A wide range of wood grains are on offer, as are other laminates including marble, carbon fiber, and more.
Aluminum or steel countertops are also available.  

Graphic Integration 

Testrite’s specialty is integrating your graphics into our hardware. Selling counters can be manufactured with one wrap around graphic that’s 3 or 4 sided, two graphics front and back or up to four graphics so you can customize the graphic to each side of the podium.  Wrap around graphics are the least expensive and offer the most immersive branding whereas individual graphics allow the ability to change out specific graphics as needed leaving others evergreen / unchanged.  
The EPVC top  can be made with a plain color or durable print of your choosing.  We can add header graphics with single or multiple uprights at the exact height you need for your display.   
Podiums can also be made as Pillowcase graphic podium / pillowcase graphic counter or as Charisma SEG graphic podiums / Charisma SEG graphic counters / Charisma SEG Podium / Charisma SEG Counter.
Once we understand your needs, we can provide advice as to the graphic solution that may best meet your needs, marrying your podium with the ideal graphic media.

Podium Frame Options  

Testrite Podiums can be made with aluminum or steel tubing.  Aluminum tubing is lightweight, whereas the steel option is going to offer tremendous strength. When designing your podium, share with Testrite how you intend to use your podium. We can design in reinforcement hardware including, crossbars, steel brackets, and more to enhance stability or the ability to hold a specific amount of weight. A recent example had us including extra crossbars under the counter surface to support the weight of appliances for use as a portable branded demonstration table / portable demonstration table. Steel or aluminum shelves can also be built into the frame.  

During the design process, let us know if you are going to be using the podiums for permanent or portable installations and we can provide you with suggestions to suit your design and intended use including simple design elements like wheels, if you are looking for a portable solution.  We can also add leveling glides.  Leveling glides ensure that the podium is off the floor, keeps the graphic clean, and can account for uneven surfaces.   

Backlit podiums

Backlighting podiums can be an option, helping your graphics to POP and grab even more attention. Our portable, lightweight, plug and play Torpedo lights can be added to many podium designs, requiring only one power cord, and easy portability.

Podium With Removed Rear Crossbar

We’ve all been in uncomfortable situations. Selling behind a fully wrapped rectangle can be uncomfortable. Where helpful, we can manufacture podiums that have the lower rear crossbar removed, providing a sales associate table / brand ambassador table that your team member can slide their feet under. These make it easy for staff to stand behind the podium without stepping on the frame.  Whether you choose the standard or footstep design you can still get a custom podium with all the accessories you need without compromising the graphics integration capabilities.  


Portability & Set Up 

One of the other popular customization options is designing how you want to build your podium on site.  Testrite can design it so you can put it together without any tools, or if you’re OK with a tool being required, that can often save on cost.  Either way, Testrite’s custom podiums are easy to transport, set up and take down so associates can use them with ease. 
In fact, the ability to transport Testrite’s custom podiums are a huge benefit to sales reps, trade show reps, and businesses who travel to trade shows, offer pop up shops, or just want greater mobility.  Testrite has podium designs that can fit in a small carry bag and weighs as little as five pounds.  We have a variety of carry bags and cases available.  Pop up podium, portable sales podium, lit portable sales podium.

Other Popular Customizations

At Testrite Visual, custom is our speciality and we do it faster and easier than anyone else.  Our custom podium stands can be made with LIT graphics using our torpedo lighting.  Customers can also ask for custom colors using our PMS color match and powder coating system.  For custom podiums that will be used as a sales tool, Testrite can provide easy to attach countertop and literature holders.  Like your podium, these accessories can be branded too with 3D printing, graphics, and product imprinting.  

How to Use Testrite Custom Podiums

There are an estimated 13,000 trade shows annually in the United States and 20,000 Trade Shows annually internationally (https://writersblocklive.com/blog/trade-show-statistics).  Having a high quality, branded podium, with a literature stand, and custom logo graphic for your sales team or visitor kiosk, is a clean and organized way to save room in the standard trade show booth.  But trade shows aren’t the only application for Testrite podiums.  Other installation options include: 
  • Promotional Product Counters  
  • Demonstration Tables 
  • Credit Card offers sign up tables 
  • Reward Programs sign up tables 
  • Portable tasting stands for liquor and wine  
  • Branded recruiting tables for college fairs and job fairs
  • Cell phone sign up station 
  • Pop up shops 
  • Point of purchase counters  
Testrite Visual has a talented team of product specialists available to help you design the right podium for your project.  

Why Testrite 

Testrite Visual is a US manufacturer of high quality visual display solutions.  As an American manufacturer with 100 years of tooling and know-how, we have many ways to make a podium depending on what your project requires. 
Unlike off shore and high volume display hardware manufacturers, Testrite offers very low minimums even for custom orders like custom podiums.  Podiums are available with 25 or more as a custom order.  We can also accommodate large orders of 250-500 or even 2000.  No one else can do custom podiums in that quantity. For customers who only need one podium, we even have a solution for you with our standard plastic podium and exhibit case.   
Testrite offers national and international shipping with logistics support from start to finish.  We also optimize packaging to reduce shipping costs.  We can drop ship for print partners and/or work as part of a team to coordinate nationwide rollouts for big brands.  


Testrite Visual is Testrite Visual is an elite manufacturer of visual display solutions for local and national retail store brands.  Their team of design, visual merchandising experts, and engineers strive daily to look for new ways to make their retail visual display solutions even better. As a fourth-generation, 102-year-old family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer, we focus on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment.   To learn more about Testrite’s contact Testrite today.

Charisma Air Is Here

Testrite - Campaign Header - 819 x 184.jpg

Innovative, Value driven, American made since 1919. Customization and speed are our specialties!

This month we are going to focus on a growing product line: Halos ™ and Halo Rails ™.

There are many decisions that go into an effective Visual Merchandising Plan. Designers must consider every little detail from the moment the customer arrives at their store. What’s the path for customers looking to complete a BOPIS purchase? What path do we want consumers to follow for in-store purchases?  What will grab shoppers attention to draw them deeper into the store or compel a purchase? 

At Testrite Visual, we work with Visual Merchandisers to design and execute effective strategies for your retail customers and your priority to create the best design plan that considers a 360-degree view of the customer experience. One that will maximize horizontal and vertical spaces to grab attention to deliver customer messaging.  One of the best ways to maximize vertical space and draw customers deeper into the store is through hanging graphics and hardware.  
Testrite Visual has a broad category of hanging hardware solutions.  This month we are going to focus on a growing product line: Halos ™  and Halo Rails ™.  
Halos ™  are circular 3 dimensional aluminum structures wrapped in tension fabric. Halo Rails ™  can be circular, straight, or curves/arcs, and provide a top and bottom rail for styrene or pole pocket fabric graphics.  We’ll dive into each one to give you more details. 


Straight Rail System 

Halo Straight Rails™ kits use top and bottom aluminum profiles with graphic holders and sliding hanging hooks.  The sliding hanging hooks make for an easy installation process.  Halo Straight Rail™ is available from 24” up to 72” standard.  If you need custom or longer lengths, or multiple sections, we offer custom capabilities with low minimums of only ten units.
Halo Straight Rails™ are a great straight banner hanging system for use in retail environments or Trade shows, providing an attractive and simple method to display long Styrene graphics or long Pole Pocket in a finished manner. The bottom rail hanging down serves to help “stretch” straight the graphic. The length of graphic is up to you, as the top and bottom rails are connected via your graphic.
When ordering, customers can specify Fabric Hemmed Graphics or Styrene Graphics.  Fabric Hemmed Graphics use included plastic dowels which are hemmed into pole pocket graphics.  The Styrene Graphics hang from internally placed screw spacer sets which are included in the kit. We do also offer a staple on plastic U extrusion for our Halo Straight Rails™, though these are “custom” order items.
As a US manufacturer, custom is our specialty.  Testrite Visual is also equipped to handle custom orders including super large custom structures and sizes with low minimums. Custom color banner hanging systems are also available.

Curved Shape System   

Testrite Visual offers three Curved Shape systems.  Halos™, Halo Rails™, and the new Mini Halo Rails™.  


Halos™ is our original curved shape tension fabric graphic system.  The hardware practically disappears behind your graphics.  These mated circle frames are great for retail, tradeshow, and industrial applications. Graphics are typically provided for the outside of the ring, with the inside open, allowing for the same or differentiated graphics on the inside and the outside. On brand messages to customers on the inside of the ring where not everyone will look allow a convenient avenue for creativity ideal for the Social Media generation looking to post with a #hashtag.
Halos™ are offered in two styles; the standard Halos™  or the tapered design.  The standard Halos™ are made with an equal diameter on the top and bottom. The Tapered Halos™ feature a larger diameter top and a smaller diameter bottom. Custom diameter and custom height Halos™ round stretch fabric structures are both available.
Whether you order the Straight Halos™ or Tapered Halos™ , this hardware is made from high-quality aluminum with a satin anodized finish.  Steel Eye Bolts are included and units should be professionally installed.  To make installation easy, the Halo ™  units come with swage and spring button assembly with easy coded connection points.    
Halos™ integrate well with other hardware. We offer Hanging Harnesses as well which allow our circular structures to all hang from a single point. This cuts down on installation time, only needing to hang from a single point, and it can allow the Halos™ to spin, either on a motor you supply or with ambient airflows. Other complementary accessories including adjustable hanging cables are an easy add on to any order to make sure you have everything you need.  
Our Halos™ are suspended aluminum tubular frame structures which hold stretch fabric graphic circular structures. This unit can be made with a companion pillowcase graphic featuring beautifully printed stretch fabric, which should be ordered at the same time to ensure a perfect fit.  However, the Halo™  is also sold as a hardware-only unit.  If you are supplying your own graphics, we recommend purchasing the frame first, and then ensuring your printer or printing operation has the frame on hand at the time the graphics are being finished to ensure the right fit. Graphics can be digitally printed or provided in a single color to match a Pantone.


Halo Rails ™ 

Halo Rails ™ are an innovative and affordable hanging hardware unit that makes it easy for you to maximize your vertical marketing space.  Halo Rails™ are available standard from 6’ in diameter up to 12’ in diameter giving your brand a large canvas upon which to paint your message and grab your customer’s attention.
Halo Rails ™ are made from high-quality aluminum with a satin finish.  Halo Rails™ are curved to form circles. They include both a top rail and a bottom rail, with the height dictated by your graphic.
One of the benefits of the Halo Rails™  is that you can order them for fabric or styrene graphics.  When ordering for fabric graphics, Testrite provides a dowel for use inside the pole pockets and of your graphic. When ordering for styrene graphics, Testrite provides a U shaped plastic extrusion for you to staple to the top and bottom of your graphic.
The Halo Rails™ round hanging banner system is lightweight, easy to assemble and no vertical struts are needed.  During the manufacturing process, we attach matching eyebolts to make hanging easier.   You can also  reposition the eyebolts as needed. These units can be installed hanging from each of the eye bolts individually, or purchase a hanging harness accessory to hang the entire structure from one point.
Looking for something custom? We offer PMS color matching, custom shapes, custom sizes, and more! 

Mini Halo Rails™ 

In May 2022, Testrite Visual released a new, mini version of the popular Halo Rails™, aptly named the Mini Halo Rails™.  Like its predecessor, the Mini Halo Rails™ have many of the same benefits but with a new smaller look!  
The biggest change with the Mini Halo Rails™ is that it has a much smaller profile than the original Halo Rails™.  There were two primary reasons why Testrite Visual developed this product.  The first was in the interest of maximizing the raw materials which are getting more precious, to help save our customers money.  If we can provide a similar product with the same capabilities at a lower cost, while maximizing raw materials, that is a win for everyone!  The second reason is we know our customers want the focus to be on the graphic message, not the hardware. A slimmer hanging rail means less hardware to see and more attention to your message.
Graphics integration is at the heart of everything we do at Testrite, and the Mini Halo Rails™ are no exception.  Customers still have the option to choose styrene or fabric graphics for units from 6’ in diameter up to 12’ in diameter, but with the added benefit of a smaller profile. 
The Mini Halo Rails™ ships unassembled for low-cost shipping and adjustable bolt assembly attachments are included.  

LIT Halos™ 

Testrite Visual is always looking for ways to make our hardware even better with continuous innovations in shapes, sizes, colors, and graphics integration.  Now, we are excited to offer LIT Halos™. These backlit circular stretch fabric graphic structures POP! These lit tension fabric structures can be show stoppers. These bring together our durable hardware, beautiful dye sublimation printed graphics AND LED lighting, all in one unit.
Testrite’s LIT Halos™ features high-efficiency LED Torpedo Lights.  The torpedo design extends lighting in all directions, providing an incredible visual effect for your graphics! Each individual light offers 5000 lumens! The lighting units are ETL-listed lighting units and feature a daisy chain design so only one power cord is needed for up to 6 lights.   The number of lights per unit will depend on the size of the unit.

Lit Halos™ are custom and available for quoting by our sales team. Lit Halos™ features a drum fabric cover design. Keep in mind that with a drum fit graphic, you’ll want to coordinate with your safety teams to ensure there are no sprinkler coverage concerns that need to be addressed.
Keep in mind that many of our products are available with lighting accessories so just ask if you need something in addition to our LIT Halo Rails ™. 

Related Solutions

Similar to the Halos™, our Circle Moons™ are a single-layer circular aluminum tube structure for stretch fabric graphics. These are available for mounting parallel to the ceiling. They can also be a popular choice for projecting onto round screens by ordering the Circle Moons™ with eye bolts to allow for hanging vertically / perpendicular to the ceiling, and wrapping the Circle Moons™ in white stretch fabric.

Ordering & Shipping 

Testrite Visual has a great e-commerce-enabled website where you can easily browse, shop and order all your Halo Straight Rails™, Halo Rails™, Mini Halo Rails™, or Circle Moons™  right online.  But, if you need something custom, have questions, or just want to talk with one of our product specialists, we have a dedicated team of experts ready to help you.  Reach out today to discuss your project.  
Testrite offers national and international shipping with logistics support from start to finish.  We also optimize packaging to reduce shipping costs.  We can drop ship for print partners and/or work as part of a team to coordinate nationwide rollouts for big brands.  

Testrite Visual is Testrite Visual is an elite manufacturer of visual display solutions for local and national retail store brands.  Their team of design, visual merchandising experts, and engineers strive daily to look for new ways to make their retail visual display solutions even better. As a fourth-generation, 102-year-old family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer, we focus on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment.   To learn more about Testrite’s contact Testrite today.

Two New Hanging Hardware Signage Structure Solutions from Testrite Visual 

Hackensack, New Jersey - Testrite Visual Products is pleased to announce two new ceiling hung visual displays.
Testrite is an elite manufacturer of visual display solutions for local and national retail brands and stores.  Their team of designers, visual merchandisers, and engineers strive daily to look for new ways to make their retail visual display solutions even better.  Over the last several months they have been focused on optimizing the already popular Halo Rails™.  Now, Halo Rails™ are available in a new smaller size - introducing Mini Halo Rails™! 
With Mini Halo Rails™, retailers have an even slimmer profile option to hang circular or long straight styrene and pole pocket fabric graphics from their ceilings. The narrow profile helps keep the focus on the graphics, not the hardware.  Mini Halo Rails™ are made with the same popular adjustable bolt assembly as our full size system, and utilize the same graphic attachment methods.   Mini Halo Rails™ also uses less material and is lighter weight.
Testrite is also excited to announce LIT Halos™, offering the opportunity to amplify these attractive stretch fabric structures with lighting.  Customers can add High-Efficiency LED Torpedo lighting to Halos™ to really grab the attention of in-store consumers or for those at trade shows.  
“At Testrite Visual, we believe that the best hardware does its job, holds up over time, and fades behind the graphic putting your message first,” says President Jeffrey Rubin. “Testrite remains committed to retail visual innovation and meeting the ever-changing demands of leading retailers and brands who want to stand out in a competitive market and believe in the importance of using exceptional hardware.”
Testrite Visual works with brands and retailers of all sizes. Testrite partners with many to be their in house source for prototypes and in store environmental visuals. With no or low minimums, shipping and logistics support for nationwide and global rollouts, and US Manufacturing, Testrite has a differentiated offering in the marketplace.  
For more information about Halos™, Halo Rails™ and other hanging graphics hardware, visit www.testrite.com
Testrite Visual is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment. 

Testrite Visual Attending CStore-Point 2022 Regional Conference

Testrite Visual Attending CStore-Point 2022 Regional Conference 
Hackensack, New Jersey - Testrite Visua l is pleased to announce it will be attending the 2022 CStore-Point Regional Conference in Coronado, California at the Hotel Del Coronado, from May 22 - 25, 2022.  The CStore-Point Regional Conference is a strategic trade forum that brings together Retail Executives and Suppliers into one venue to discuss and connect on the topics that impact the retail experience in 2022 and beyond. 
Brand Retail Executives come to CStore-Point to discuss the changing landscape of the in-store experience, and how this impacts visual merchandising including interior design, merchandising, fixturing, equipment and food service.  Suppliers come to CStore-Point to grow their network and build relationships with brand executives to discuss innovative solutions with forward-thinking executives, who are looking for fresh ideas to meet the needs of modern consumers and retail expectations.  
“It has never been a better time to attend this long-standing networking event” says, Paula Goodelman, Sales Manager at Testrite Visual. “It is a great opportunity for our Sales and Product Specialists to bring new ideas to the table, gain and nurture valuable connections, and support executives of major retail brands who want to stay at ahead of the curve for retail innovation.” 
Sean Mahoney and Matt Dickey will be at CStore-Point from Testrite.  Visitors are invited to reach out to Paula Goodelman with questions, to arrange a meeting or to request specific product information.  
Visit the CSTore-Point Website for more information. https://cpmgevents.com/c-storepoint/ 
Testrite Visual is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment. 
Testrite Visual Exhibits at Alliance Franchise Brand Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Hackensack, New Jersey - Testrite Visual is excited to exhibit at the upcoming Alliance Franchise Brand Convention and Trade Show coming up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 18th and 19th.  
Alliance Franchise Brands LLC is the franchisor of more than 600 locations in North America and delivers printing, marketing and graphic communications solutions.  This Convention and Trade Show will bring together hundreds of suppliers who work within the signage and hardware industry.  
“Testrite Visual has been the premier source of high-quality hardware since our doors first opened in 1919” says, Sales Manager, Paula Goodelman. “As a one-stop-shop for all franchise hardware needs, the Alliance Franchise Brands convention is a perfect fit for us and we are looking forward to building existing relationships and making new connections.” 
Michael Levine will be attending the Alliance Franchise Brands Conference Convetion and Trade Show and will be on hand to meet with visitors in Booth Number 1108.  Testrite Visual will have dozens of hardware solutions on display, along with new catalogs, and knowledgeable product specialists to answer any questions.  
Visit the Alliance Franchise Brands website at https://alliancefranchisebrands.com/
Testrite Visual is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment. 

Choosing a Banner Stand

Banner Stands 

Banner Stands are a portable hardware display solution used by business professionals around the world.  From retail stores to trade shows, Portable Banner Stands are an important part of the visual merchandising plan.  


Testrite Visual has twenty-five different styles of banner stands to accommodate interior and exterior applications, in adjustable and fixed sizes, and for one dimensional and three dimensional designs.  Explore all our banner stands in this week's blog post.   

Choosing a Banner Stand 

When selecting an Interior Banner Stand, Testrite makes it easy to find just what you are looking for and we offer standard and custom options.   Most customers start their Banner Stand search with the following selections:


·         Interior or Exterior Banner Stand 

·         Fixed Width Banner Stand or an Adjustable Banner Stand

·         Pole pocket Banner Stand, Hook & Loop Banner Stand or SnapGraphic Banner Standhttps://www.testrite.com/products/banner-stands/graphic-gripper

·         Single Sided Banner Stands, Double Sided Banner Stands, and Banner Stand Towers / Banner Stand Partitions

·         Single or Double Sided graphics 

·         Stationary or Retractable Banner Stand 

·         Dye Sublimation Graphics, Pillowcase Fabric Graphics, Vinyl Graphics, Poster Graphic, Styrene Graphics or Banner Graphics

·         Graphic thickness 

·         Base style - square base, marquis base, round base, travel base   


Our website makes it easy to see which features are available with which banner stands and to easily make your selections so you get exactly what you need. 



Interior Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands 


Retractable Banner Stands are designed with convenience and portability in mind because you can easily set up and take down banner stands and transport them as needed whether that is across the store, across town or around the world.  


Testrite specifically manufactures our Mercury Retractable Banner Stand which has no cartridge and instead uses a Velcro® Brand Hook & Loop to attach graphics.  This method of installation makes graphic change outs quick and easy, and makes your hardware more affordable because you can use it again and again.   Our cartridge free retractable banner stands were a hit when we introduced them 20 years ago and they continue to be on of our best banner stands and still Made in the USA Banner Stand.


Customers can choose from 24” wide up to 60” wide, in single or double sided configurations.  Testrite Mercury Retractable Banner Stands are available in standard silver or black, come with a soft carry bag, and we offer an optional hard case with insert.  


In 2022, Testrite Visual is pleased to celebrate 20 years of manufacturing the world's best Retractable Banner Stands. 


Pole Pocket Banner Stands 


Ås we say at Testrite, the best hardware should disappear into the background and let your graphics stand out!  Our Pole Pocket Banner Stands do just that with silver hardware poles that easily integrate with precisely stitched graphics to create a beautiful aesthetic and are available in classic and large format styles.  


Classic format Banner Pole Pocket Banner Stands include the Classic Banner Stand Pole Pocket, Classic Fixed Width, Classic Fixed Width Towers, and Promo Banner Stands.  Pole Pocket Banner Stands, Classic Fixed Width and Promo Banner stands offer single and double sided graphics integration.  The classic Fixed Width Towers offers a three dimensional display solution with triangular, square, and partition style applications that easily integrate with graphics, lightings and literature holders. 


Within the Pole Pocket Banner Stand product line is also our Large Format Banner Stand and our American Eagle Banner Stand. These large format Pole Pocket Banner Stands are perfect for Trade Shows, Events, Grand Openings, Red Carpet Events, Step and Repeat Banner Stands, Gala’s, and photo backdrops. PLUS, keep your hardware and swap out your graphics so you can use them again and again.  


 Pillowcase Banner Stands 


As the name implies, Pillowcase Banner Stands specifically use only Pillowcase Graphics.  Pillowcase graphics are a tension fabric graphics that easily slip over display hardware.  This creates a very clean aesthetic so that the hardware disappears even more fully behind the graphics so all you really see is the base and customers can select Silver or Black to get the right look.   


Testrite manufactures many standard styles of Pillowcase Banner Stands which includes the Alle Banner Stand, Harmony Banner Stand, Straight Flat Wall Banner Stand, Visual Graphic Stands, and Horizon Pillowcase Frames.    While many of the Banner Stands we offer are square or rectangular in shape, our Alle Banner Stands offer three unique banner top styles - Curved, Angled or Flat Top.   The Harmony Banner Stand is the world's easiest to assemble Banner Stand System ever and is also available in Harmony Air Banner Stand which is the world’s most lightweight banner stand and perfect for traveling sales teams!   The Straight Flat Wall and Visual Graphic Banner Stands are simple, easy to transport and assemble and available in a variety of sizes, and the ideal fabric pillowcase step and repeat banner stand. The Horizon Pillowcase provides 3D dimensionality, with rectangles and triangles that can be used freestanding (or ceiling hung).


Graphic Gripper Banner Stands


Testrite offers six styles of Graphics Gripper Banner Stands including the Nexus Snapbar Banner Stand, Apollo SnapGraphics, GripGraphic Banner Stands, CGO Grip Graphic Banner Stands, and Promo Banner Stand.


Graphic Gripper Banner Stands use specialized hardware to quickly, easily and precisely lock in graphics for a secure and neat appearance.  The Nexus SnapBar Banner Stand is adjustable and requires no graphic end finishing.  The Simple Standees Round Tubing Banner Stands work with Styrene Graphics up 3 mil thick.    The Apollo SnapGraphics Banner Stand is a fixed width Banner Stand and dual upright Banner Stand and accommodates graphics up to 70 mil thick with no graphic finishing required and finished aluminum knobs.  The GripGraphic Banner stand offers our most precise Grip Graphic installation using an ingenious bar snap closure with incredible strength and torque giving your hardware and graphics the most precise look.    The CGO GripGraphic Banner Stand uses Patented GripGraphic bars to hold graphics in place with finished end caps and adjustable height.  The Quest Banner Stand works with store displays, skids, and pallets. The  shovel base easily slides under stacks of goods to display signage around the product.  Lastly, the Promo Graphic Gripper Banner Stand comes available in Pole Pocket, Hook and Loop or SnapGraphic design with either single or double sided graphics and adjustable heights thanks to our signature telescopic tubing design. Customers love our Gripping Banner stands because they’re unique in that these banner stands require no graphic finishing, saving time and money.


Hoop & Loop Banner Stands 


The Hook and Loop feature on Testrite Banner Stands feature Velcro that make it easy to adjust and change displays.   Testrite manufactures five different styles of Hook & Loop Banner Stands which includes the Square Tubing Simple Standees, Classic Banner Stands, Ultra UB Banner Stands.  The Mercury Retractable and Promo Banner Stands already mentioned, also use this graphic integration method.  The Simple Standee Square Tubing has two included Hook and loop closure and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. The Ultra UB Banner Stand used a footless design and Hook & Loop closure with spring-loaded graphic tension and works great with inkjet media.  


Other Banner Stands - Yes there are more!

With multiple decades of experience manufacturing banner stands, we have a wide range of unique Banner Stand options.  Additional banner stand options include the Simple Standees Round Tubing which attached a graphic with Xmas clips and the Quest Banner Stand and Pallet Banner Stand, both of which are designed to be placed under skids.  We have also worked with many customers to develop many unique banner stand options.

Outdoor Banner Stands 

Traditional banner stand installation often involves interior applications, but more and more businesses are starting to take advantage of exterior space to maximize their advertising, and the benefits are paying off.  


FedEx Office and Ketchum Global Research conducted research on the impact of business signage.  This research shows that 70% of people surveyed agree that signage attracts new customers to stores they had never been to before.  This research also showed that signage is a great word-of-mouth tool, and people would refer to a business just because of the signage alone.  This research also showed that a company’s signage is a reflection of the quality of its product or services.  Furthermore, businesses who opt out of exterior signage are missing out on attracting nearly 60% more potential customers who would not enter a place of business if there is no signage. 


If you are looking to optimize your exterior advertising space, Testrite's new Outdoor Banner Stands with Hiring Graphic are the perfect solution.  We offer a Feather Flag with Spike banner stand that stands 14’ high with a carbon composite pole and sustains winds of up to 25 MPH.  This banner stands is sold with an included mesh fabric, double-sided printed graphic that is 24.25” wide x 140” high, and reads, "Hiring Now".  Easy graphic changes are important so customers can keep a variety of graphics on hand for sales, specials, and seasonal messaging and swap out graphics as needed.  We can also customize your Outdoor Banner Stand graphics for orders in quantities of ten or more.  

Banner Stand Accessories 

Testrite Visual has developed a series of accessories to complement our extensive line of US Made Banner Stands. 


Carrying Case  

 We know that our high quality banner stands are used for more than static installations including Real Estate Open Houses, Hiring Fairs, Trade Shows, Mobile retail stores.  For these applications, customers want a banner stand that is easy to transport.   Testrite Banner Stands can be ordered with a companion carrying case.  Specify when ordering. 



Lighting is frequently used for visual merchandising displays.  Testrite has LED lighting attachments that integrate with any of our Banner Stands.   Our lighting is conveniently adaptable to one-sided or two-sided Banner Stands, and can be used for Clamp-On, Pop-Up, Table Top and Wall mounted hardware.  


This lighting accessory is only 10 ½” wide and made from brushed nickel with a moveable swivel head, which gives it a clean, functional aesthetic.  The lighting has a cool white color temperature and is extremely bright with 450 lumens while still offering 50,000 working hours lifetime, and consuming only 6 watts and 12 volts and it comes with a power cord.


If you need Banner Stand Lighting accessories talk to us today!


Literature Holders 


For many Banner Stand installation,s the ability to integrate hardware to house brochures, rack cards, or other customer literature is extremely important.  Our brochure holders are made from Acrylic or Wire and come in 12 different models accommodating both pamphlets and catalog size literature.  Pamphlet holders are 4” x 1 ½” and brochure holders are 9” x 1 ½” with varying diameters.  Testrite literature holders easily snap on to any banner stand.  Specify when ordering which literature holder attachment you need. 


How To Order 

Testrite VIsual has created a user friendly website where you can easily shop, compare styles and prices and visualize the Banner Stand designs you are considering.  Testrite is manufacturer direct and US made and is committed to quality, value and reliability at every stage of your transaction.  If you need something custom, that is our specialty and customers can fill out a Custom Request Form to specific your requirements.  We help with design, development, prototypes and final manufacturing with low minimums and quick turn around.     Testrite also offers generous reseller discounts and partners with companies nationwide.  


Get in Touch

Since 1919, Testrite Visual has been US made, and that tradition continues today.  Our sales, support and manufacturing teams are located in Hackensack, NJ which means quicker responses to requests with improved customer experience like quick quotes, fast lead times, and lead time confidence.  

Contact us today at 888-873-2735 to find out how we can help create the visual merchandising solutions your business needs whether it's a local shop or a nationwide rollout, Tesrite has the expertise and experience to meet your hardware and graphic needs.

Testrite Visual Celebrates 20 Years Manufacturing Retractable Banner Stands

Testrite Visual Celebrates 20 Years Manufacturing Retractable Banner Stands 

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of one of Testrite Visual’s most popular products - the Mercury Retractable Banner Stand.  This innovative banner stand design has been wowing customers since they were first released in 2002. They remain a “Best in Class” solution for customers throughout North America.  They are still made “rite” in the USA at Testrite’s industry-leading manufacturing facility in Hackensack, NJ. 
Testrite’s Retractable Banner Stands are built to last and designed to impress even after 20 years.  These banner stands do not require a cartridge, which saves time and money. They can be assembled without tools and they feature adjustable heights.  The Mercury Retractable Banner Standard is made with high-quality aluminum casing and steel sides which makes this branding hardware lightweight, durable and world-class. Hook and Loop graphic attachment makes it easy to swap out graphics and the top crossbar easily attaches with a knob.  These retractable banner stands were designed using Testrite’s unique telescopic tubing so it offers infinite height adjustments from 36” high to 96” high and up to 60” wide.  

Mercury Retractable Made in USA Banner Stands are perfect for permanent visual merchandising designs or seasonal sales and specials.  The lightweight carrying case, or optional hard carrying cases, also means the Mercury Retractable Banner Stand is also a perfect fit or today’s mobile installations like pop-up shops, Farmer's Markets, seasonal boutiques, trade shows, airports, malls, and more.   Graphics integration is at the heart of every Testrite product so the Mercury Retractable Banner Stand can be ordered for use with single or double-sided graphics. 
Testrite Visual offers an easy online order process and robust discounts for retail and print partners.  Testrite is US-Made, with a green supply line, quick quotes, lead time confidence and fast shipping, with stateside sales and support staff to offer the best customer experience.  
Customers can visit www.testrite.com or call 888-873-2735 to learn more and talk about their projects.  Testrite is an innovative, value-driven, and American-made partner who is capable of handling all your evolving advertising needs.

About Us 

Testrite Visual is a fourth-generation, 102-year-old family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment. Testrite specializes in creating innovative visual display solutions to elevate visual merchandising.  For more information regarding our banner stands and options, contact us today! 

Outdoor Hardware Solutions from Testrite Visual

Outdoor Hardware Solutions from Testrite Visual  

Every business can utilize the power of advertisement. Advertisement is what propels businesses forward, and is second to none when it comes to growing your business and bringing more customers in.  In the digital age we are living in today most advertising efforts are naturally put into digital advertising and advertising within a retail store, but what about the opportunity outside certain businesses to also move the needle.  
For the 103 years, Testrite Visual has excelled at creating interior hardware and graphic solutions but now it is time to take things outside.  There is a clear need for outdoor hardware solutions, especially as we head into the warmer months with more outdoor dining and foot traffic.  

Outdoor Product Design Process

As we approached designing the perfect outdoor hardware there were a few considerations that Testrite took into account that most outdoor hardware is:
• Made of cheap plastic, or steel that is prone to rusting from continuous exposure 
• Bulky and requires filling a ballast up with water or sand to keep it in place
• Distracts from the graphic with large springs
• Doesn’t really think about the graphics integration which means inconsistent installation and aesthetics 
• Lacking custom capabilities which many brands need and want   
When Testrite set out to design outdoor hardware we wanted to provide a solution that was simple, economical, and most importantly durable and rust-resistant.  
Thanks to our in-house team of visual merchandisers, hardware designers, engineers, and CAD technicians we were able to quickly develop a prototype, test, and roll out our first outdoor hardware products - the Outdoor A-Frame SignHolder.   

What Is the Outdoor A-frame?

Most likely, you have walked past a local restaurant or coffee shop and noticed a sidewalk sandwich sign by the front door. These advertisements bring in tons of foot traffic in busy areas and can boost business even without foot traffic. Drive-by advertisements near a street corner can boost sales by a large margin. 
Most signage and hardware is standing and 48” or taller, designed to sit on a tabletop, or be hung from a wall or ceiling.  Those options don’t work for exterior installations because they are too large, are impractical, and often do not comply with city ordinances in busy, downtown areas around signage sizes.  It may also only be one-sided which does not work if there is traffic coming from multiple directions.  When it comes to outdoor signage, the hardware also needs to be easy to set up and takedown by all associates.  
The Testrite Outdoor A-frame is the best solution in this installation.  It features sturdy yet lightweight Aluminum A-Frame construction.  It has two “faces” connected by a unique hinge-design.  The A-Frame is easy to set up, lightweight for ease of portability and it will lay flat when not in use. It also ships in a small box, minimizing freight costs.

Design Options

The A-Frame Sign Holder is available as a 22” x 24” Outdoor A Frame, and as a 24” x 36” Outdoor A Frame. These A Frames are available in standard Silver aluminum or Matte black finish and they both feature angled non-slip tips.  Both designs also have their own unique design features.   
We know this hard is also going to be used outside so naturally, we had to put the hardware to the test.  These units have been tested against 150 mph rated leaf blower, which can be seen on our youtube channel in one of the most enjoyable videos we’ve ever made. While it’s safe to say these signs aren’t going anywhere on your average day on the sidewalk, it’s recommended to bring the signs indoors during significant stormy weather. 

A-Frame SignHolder  

The Outdoor A-Frame SignHolder is our most economical hardware solutions. It was specifically designed with sidewalk installations in mind.  The outdoor hardware weighs just ~8 pounds so Associates can easily set up and take down the unit and store them in an office, trunk, or storage office when not in use.  This design is made with shorter legs for a lower center of gravity, meaning more of the face is taken up by your graphics.
Integrating graphics into the A-Frame SignHolder is so easy with a top entry slot for graphics up to 1/4” thick which can be installed on one or both sides.  After installing the graphics only 1” of the graphic on left and right will be covered by the hardware giving you maximum space for advertising!
The A-Frame SignHolder is sold unassembled for cost-efficient shipping but the unit can be assembled in less than 2 minutes so you can start enhancing advertising in a flash!  

Outdoor A Frame Youtube Video

Businesses That Love A-Frames

A-Frame hardware offers a compact, but extremely effective advertising tool for businesses of all sizes.  Every day hundreds of people drive by or walk by your business, don’t miss out on the opportunity to advertise to them.   

• Restaurants & Food Services love the idea of pairing their A-Frame Signholder with Wet Erase boards so they can advertise breakfast, lunch, dinner and Happy House Specials. 
• Retail stores can easily advertise daily specials and sales like Buy One, Get One.
• Real Estate agents love how compact our A-Frame Units are. They help draw attention to Open Houses and Real Estate opportunities, but compact and functional enough to store it in their trunk when not in use.
These metal A Frame units are also great for businesses who attend trade shows.  It is hard to attract traffic naturally so place a Perfex A-Frame in the aisle next where your booth is located to attract attention. If you have business partners you can each have an A-Frame near your business that supports the other to help with cross-pollinating advertising, talk about win-win! 
Other customers also use their A-Frame to deliver a daily message like an inspirational quote or trivia questions.  This is a great way to grab attention, make your business memorable and give people a reason to walk by day after day just waiting to see what it will be today.  
Similarly, if your business is not on the main street, place an A-frame sign at the nearest corner to grab attention as a mini-billboard and help attract new potential customers who might not have ever thought to visit you.  

Indoor A-Frames 

If you want to use an A-Frame inside, rest assured Testrite has the right hardware for you because we have even more options for indoors.  If you aren’t sure if you will use it indoors or outdoors, consider purchasing the Outdoor version which can be used inside or outside. 
When being used indoors, our Perfex™ A-Frame is another great option.  This unit is available as a 22 x 28 A Frame, a 24 x 36 A Frame, as well as a 22” x 28” A Frame with Header, or a 24” x 36” A Frame with Header.  It has a cool curvilinear shape and Aluminum extruded legs.  This unit accepts 3/16" graphics and still leaves room for a clear or matte protective lens. These units are rugged and long-lasting with Non-skid rubber bumpers and heavy-duty support stays. 

Full-Size A-Frame Stands

Another great option for indoor A-Frame Stands are Testrite Incline Stands.  These are full-size A-Frame stands that come in a standard size of 22” W x 60” H, while custom sizes are available.  These are perfect for interior applications and a great way to provide ambiance and information in retail settings and give any setting a more intimate boutique feel.
Testrite Incline stands are available in three styles:
• Monster Drop in Graphic Incline Stands (Drop In A-Frame single or double sided)
• Charisma SEG Incline Stands (SEG A Frame single or double sided)
• SnapFrames Incline Stands (SnapFrame A Frame single or double sided)
When ordering, customers can choose one-sided or double sided and from silver or black finish.  They are made with metal construction and built to exacting standards.  As with all Testite products, custom is our speciality so don’t hesitate to ask if you need something different. 
Testrite Incline stands are designed with efficiency in mind.  They provide the convenience of Tool-Free assembly, set up in just 30 seconds, and multiple graphic installation options.  With monster drop-in frames, you can slide graphics in from the top.  With SnapFrames Incline stand just “snap” open the metal frame, pop in your graphic and snap it closed.  
These units are lightweight and Strong, but portable and effective so they can easily be set up and taken down by associates and moved in between departments.  This the hardware that never goes out of style because it is so easy to swap out graphics and use again and again.

How To Order 

Testrite Visual has made our website extremely easy to browse, budget, and buy the right A-Frame hardware right online with the click of a button.  You can also browse hundreds of other products that we offer.  We can manufacture multiple products for our customers so they have consistent quality and design. 
We also make it easy to connect with us for custom A-Frame design requests.  Display type, product type, graphic description, and color are just some of the options for you to select on the online form.  One of our product experts will follow up usually the same day to begin the discussion so we can provide a quick quote and prototypes if needed.  
We maintain an extraordinary reputation for quality, value, and reliability.  We source the finest quality components, and because we manufacture in the U.S., Testrite has a much shorter and greener supply chain and can offer tons of customizable options for its customers.
Testrite also offers robust reseller discounts.  

Get in Touch

A-Frame Signage is extremely versatile and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you want one or one thousand, Testrite Visual is here to help.  If you can’t find what you need online or just prefer to speak with an expert about your project, we would love to hear from you. 
All Testrite Visual products are made and designed in the United States which means our sales and support team is also US-Based.  This means quicker response to requests and improved customer experience.  It also means quick quotes, fast lead times, and lead time confidence.  
Contact us today at 888-873-2735 to find out how we can help advertise your business. Manufacturing excellence since 1919, Testrite is an innovative, value-driven, and American-made partner who is capable of handling all your evolving advertising needs.

New SnapFrame Video 2 Minute Deep Dive

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Innovative, Value driven, American made since 1919. Customization and speed are our specialties!

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